Wecome to Sultans

Enjoy the authentic Turkish cuisine at the real Turkish environment

Belly Dance at Sultans

Belly dance performs at Sultans from 8.30 pm every Friday and Saturday night .

Delicious Turkish Food

Indulge yourself in Turkish food!

Kebabs & Burgers (Takeaway)

Belly Dance
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*Kebabs & Burgers are served with lettuce, tomato, onion, cheese & Sauce
*Extra: Jalapeno, Olive, Tabouli & Pineapple $0.70 each

$8.90/$9.90/$11.90 chicken Kebab
$8.90/$9.90/$11.90 Lambs & Steak Kebab
$7.90/$8.90/$10.90 Vegetarian Kebab
$7.90/$8.90/$10.90 Falafel Kebab
$10.90/$11.90/$13.90 Adana Kebab
$7.90//$8.90/$10.90 Kofte Burger
$6.90/$7.90/$9.90 Chicken Burger
$6.90/$7.90/$9.90 Lamb Burger
$7.90/$8.90/$10.90 Barramundi fillet Burger
$9.90/$10.90/$12.90 Kebab Plate meat or chicken with Rice & Salad