Wecome to Sultans

Enjoy the authentic Turkish cuisine at the real Turkish environment

Belly Dance at Sultans

Belly dance performs at Sultans from 8.30 pm every Friday and Saturday night .

Delicious Turkish Food

Indulge yourself in Turkish food!

Turkish Gourmet & Char Grilled (Takeaway)

Belly Dance
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Turkish Gourmet

$13.90 Iskender (Bursa Kebab)
$13.90 Lamb Hotpot with Turkish Bread & Rice (chunky lamb)
$13.90 Moussaka
$14.90 Kuzu Tandir (Pulled Lamb)

Char Grilled – with Rice, Bread & Mashed Potatoes

$15.90 Lambs Skewer Kuzu Shish Kebabs
$13.90 Chicken Skewer Tavuk Shish Kebabs
$14.90 Chicken Breast marinated chicken breast
$12.90 Chicken Wings marinated chicken wings
$18.90 Lamb Cutlets marinated lamb cutlets
$12.90 Adana/Spicy Sultan specially cut ground lamb
$25.90 Mixed Grill lamb, chicken & Adana